“Being true to yourself and your dreams is the best gift one can give to oneself.”

Growing up on the streets of Detroit was difficult for young Elam and he suffered relentless abuse. However, he was always able to find solace from his childhood troubles in his world of music and movies.

Elam has had a successful career within the music and movie industry for many years now. He has succeeded with countless releases, awards, movie features and charitable givings. 

Now, Elam has re-emerged as his new alter-ego, Coco Bean. This creation has arisen from a culmination of Elam’s experiences and belief that every day is a gift. A gift that should be celebrated with joyous gratitude and excitement.
Coco Bean’s positivity, resilience and persistence is an inspiration to us all. His message is this: “Never let what others do to you, define who you are. Never let what people say about you become the image of yourself”.

“My Name Is Coco Bean”, is the first in a trilogy of releases from Coco Bean. It is a powerful song about not marginalising people based on colour, race, national origin or orientation.
Coco Bean collaborated with Anno Domini Nation for the production of this song and it was inspired and written in ten minutes after just one listen to the music.

This song is a funky, 90s hip-hop style track, with multiple layers of synth beats, which creates an upbeat vibe. The song unfolds a story of discrimination and rejection which is delivered through poignant lyrics such as: “I’ve never fit in, too black for the whites, too white for the blacks”. But, this is also a tale of triumph. Of overcoming negativity through resilience and perseverance. The uplifting energy of this song and Coco’s dramatised vocal delivery communicates a fun and carefree attitude. Through his performance in this track, Coco perfectly conveys the message that everyday should be lived with excitement and gratitude.